Storage – Hints & Tips

Carefully go through your belongings so that anything you are pretty sure you need while in storage doesn’t accidentally go into storage. Anything that requires special care while in storage needs to be advised to your remover in writing before the move into store. Prior to your move into storage clearly label any items that […]

De-Cluttering – Putting Your Ducks In A Row Ahead Of Your Big Move

  We all accumulate stuff we don’t use any more, I call it “just in case gear”.  We tend to keep it because one day we think that we may have need it for although its sat unlooked at, unused, unloved and maybe not even remembered for most if not all of the years that […]

Choosing a cheap remover is like playing Russian Roulette with 5 bullets in the gun!

  How much should I pay for a professional removal service?     Did you know that there are no Government regulations that control the removals industry so anyone can start a removal business with no training or standards and knowing that when things go wrong, you have very restricted, if any, comeback?   Operating on a […]

To pack or be packed…that is the question!

  Did you know that any items that you pack yourself are not insurable by removal companies and are therefore transported entirely at your risk!   The question is, is it worth your while taking that risk? The answer has to be an emphatic NO!   You need to view a DIY pack in terms […]

 “How To Avoid “Those Move-day Blues”

Easy Ways For You To Reduce The Stress Of Moving The saying goes that the most stressful events in life are marriage, divorce and moving but happily there is good news on one front because move day needn’t be on that list at all. In this blog I will give you some tips on how […]

The Guild Guru – Advice on Moving Home

  The Removals Finance Scheme You can enjoy 0% Deposit and 10 months interest free credit to pay for your move.   Help is now at hand through The Guild to make your move budget cash go further. What with estate agents and surveyors fees, conveyancing costs, stamp duty, removal charges and then buying stuff […]