Guild Answering Service

Professionally Answering Your Phone When You’re Not There

The Guild understands that for many smaller removal businesses, paying somebody to sit in the office and take maybe ten calls a day is simply not affordable. But often the alternatives have been far from satisfactory.

Voicemail and diverts to mobiles don’t do anything to raise confidence in potential new customers, and we all know that consumer confidence is vital to success in our industry.

Creating That All Important ‘First Impression’

With many pages of removers listed on Google, people are spoilt for choice, and customers will ring around until they find companies that do answer landlines, and answer them professionally.

Phones answered by busy wives (with screaming kids, music/TV/radio in the background) can come across as unprofessional and can be totally counter productive when making that all important first impression.

How The Answering Service Works?

The answering service is being run in partnership with the full time professionals Answer-4U. When a call comes in their automated system recognises your number and a trained operator answers your call in an appropriate manner, as instructed by you:-

e.g. “Smiths Removals how can I help you?”.

Operators will take down the caller’s details and other relevant information and rapidly pass it on to you.

Answer-4U also provide a bespoke package where you can stipulate the exact questions asked of each caller depending on the nature of the call (eg new enquiry, existing customer)

Flexibility & Freedom!

The answering service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The cost per call in their basic package is just 77p at all times, including the delivery of your message by email. You can also elect to have your messages sent to your mobile phone for just 7p extra per text message.

You do not get charged for any ‘Sales’ calls (call centres trying to sell you double glazing or conservatories). Such calls are filtered out and not passed on or charged.

There is no set-up fee or long term contract and in a very similar fashion to the mobile phone Pay-As-You-Go scenario, you simply pay for call credits in advance (minimum monthly spend £7.70).

Members can choose when to use the service by simply diverting their lines whenever they are unable to answer their phones themselves.

Sounds Good! How Do I Find Out More?

For more information on the Telephone Answering Service, without obligation to proceed, please email or call 01494 792279 and we’ll be pleased to pass on your enquiry.