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The Living Packs and Guild App

The National Guild of Removers want you to get the most out of your move, from your initial contact with one of our members to move day and beyond. That’s why we embarked on one of the most impressive, informative, exciting, easy-to-use and advanced ways of giving you all the information you need to have a smooth and successful move.
Nearly two years in the making, The Guild designed and created beautiful marketing materials. Colourful, creative and informative, our folder, brochure and canvass cards give you plenty of information about your chosen remover but, in conjunction with our new app, the printed pages “come alive”. More about this later.

You can request a Living Pack from selected Guild of Removers members, simply fill in the fields on the right (in the green box) and press the “Request a pack and quote” button.

You can also download our exciting new app. It’s completely free and available on the App Store ℠ or Google Play ™ store app. To find the app, simply search for “Guild of Removers”. Once you’ve downloaded the app you can search for Guild members in your area, by typing in your postcode or using the GPS function. The app will show you only Guild members so you can be sure of a quality move. In the app you can ask for a quote and request a Living Pack.

One of the features of the new Guild app is the Moving Calendar; simply enter your approximate move date, choose the type of notification that you’d like (push notifications, email or both) and the app will send you timely reminders, giving you instructions and advice on when to do things, such as notify the Post Office, banks and utility companies, and also giving you useful information on the run up to the move.

We believe that the most exciting feature of the app is its most useful feature. If you’ve got your hands on one of our Living Packs you can take advantage of the Augmented Reality feature in the app. You don’t have to have any technical knowledge to get the most out of it and it couldn’t be easier to use. When first using the app, it will ask you for a 4 digit number, you’ll find this on the inside of your Living Pack folder (given to you by a Guild member) or on the “Paperclip” business card attached to your brochure (if you weren’t given a Moving Pack folder). Enter this number and the app will be personalised to your chosen remover.

Now, all you have to do is press the Augmented Reality button and hold your phone or tablet over the pages marked with the AR Lion symbol. The pages will come “magically” to life with exciting, interactive 3D models, videos and even a virtual scratchcard. You can even put your own home into the app. We think you’ll be as excited as we are about the Augmented Reality, it really is a case of “seeing is believing”.

We believe the Living Pack in conjunction with our new app is a world first, combining state of the art technology and personalisation in an easy to use, helpful, exciting and informative package. It’s completely free so what are you waiting for, request yours today.

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