Credit Card Payments

Guild members are eligible to apply at the special ‘members only’ discounted rate to the Worldpay credit/debit card scheme. The scheme allows members to take credit and debit card payments from their customers which brings the following advantages with your customers :-

Peace Of Mind Factor

Any payments customer’s make to you (above £100) are covered by their credit card company. This is a big sales tool when customers are making the decision on which remover to use. If there is a direct choice between a company offering a credit card payment option (and the covers afforded them by their card company) and a remover that doesn’t wouldn’t you choose the ‘card friendly’ remover yourself?

Cost Offsetting

Customers can offset the cost of their move onto their credit card until after completion when funds are usually more readily available. It’s a ‘win win’ situation as you (the remover) get paid straight away but the customer doesn’t have to pay for their removal until their credit card bills land some time after the costly buying process.

Better Prices

It appears that many credit card customers are willing to pay a little more probably because they appreciate the safety factor that paying by credit card brings to a move.


Customers don’t have to find their cheque book, carry large amounts of cash or arrange for bankers drafts. They can simply call you by phone and book your services immediately with a card payment.


By being able to offer your customers card payments your company portrays a more professional and financially sound image. Remember the customer will be aware that credit checks will have been made against your company to be able to offer such a credit service.

Reduced Admin Time

The reduced admin burden on your company of the facility to charge your customers cards directly for their removal and monthly storage charges and then issue receipted invoices without the need to issue and chase invoices every month.

Staff Satisfaction

By handling payment matters directly in the office your crews aren’t aware of your charges which as we know can sometimes lead to resentment. Another advantage is that as the customers are no longer laying out cash on the day of the move they may be more likely to offer larger tips to the crew which can only help with improved staff satisfaction and in the long term higher staff retention.

To apply for a card machine today simply email the Guild and we will register your interest with Worldpay. Alternatively please contact us on 01494 792 279.