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Training for Profit

The reality is that we live in an age of ever tougher Health and Safety legislation as well as one of increasing customer awareness and expectations. What’s more we work in one of the most competitive industries where profit margins are further squeezed as far too many consumers tend to buy on price. Price is such a major factor in the purchasing decision because the public is not sufficiently aware that moving someone’s belongings safely is a skilled business and that some removers are much more competent than others and therefore legitimately charge more.

Higher Prices!

It has been demonstrated that many of today’s quality conscious consumers are prepared to pay extra if they know that their precious belongings are being moved by a company employing trained personnel.

Lower insurance premiums!

With training, the problems of complying with Health and Safety are very much reduced and insurers recognise that their risk is reduced which in turn may to lower insurance premiums.

Staff retention!

The key resource in our industry is the retention of quality staff and many removal businesses find that difficult. It has been shown that where staff emerge from recognised training programmes with certificates, they feel better about themselves, the job they do and their employer. Staff retention becomes easier, employees work to a higher standard and are better motivated which in turn then leads to more recommendations; the commercial benefits are obvious.

A ‘win win’ proposition

There is no down side to training, it is a win win proposition. To sum up we believe that the following are the principal advantages:

  • Attracting better quality more profitable work
  • Generally Higher Prices
  • More Recommendations
  • Increased Enquiries
  • Improved Quotation to Job Conversion Rates
  • Lower Health & Safety Risk
  • Higher Staff Morale
  • Less Staff Turnover
  • The Possibility of Reduced Insurance Premiums


Course Content

Further information on the Operational Training Courses currently available to Guild members is detailed below.

Basic Removal Skills – 2 Days

  • Health and Safety – basic instruction and advice on regulations in relation to safe working environment and procedures.
  • Vehicle Checks – identifying regular routine checks required to comply with health and safety requirements.
  • Equipment and Materials – what should be available on vehicles, how to check, maintain and use items correctly to comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Basic Packing Skills – preparation of the working areas, use of different types of materials, packing techniques and practices for packing china, glass, pictures, mirrors and non-fragile items.
  • Manual Handling – instruction and guidance on procedures for lifting, handling and moving basic household items.
  • Loading and Unloading – demonstration and explanation of procedures and systems for loading and unloading consignments correctly.
  • Paperwork and Documentation – explanation of different types of paperwork and the importance of accuracy and consistency.
  • Customer Care – discussion and hints and tips on forming and maintaining good working relationships with clients and the importance of communication



Advanced Removal Skills – 1 Day

  • Pianos – how to dismantle, prepare, handle, load/unload and deliver upright and grand pianos.
  • Barometers – explanation of different types of barometers, how to handle, prepare and move them.
  • Advanced Packing Skills – preparation of working areas, use of correct materials, techniques and procedures for packing fine china, objects d’art, fine art, fragile items etc.



Overseas Removal Skills – 1 Day 

  • Introduction – general overview of different types of overseas removals.
  • Paperwork, Documentation and Accountability – explanation of different types of paperwork required, the importance of accuracy, consistency and compliance with export/import regulations.
  • Materials – explanation and demonstration of different types of materials used; including overseas wrapping, crating etc
  • Packing – demonstration and explanation of packing procedures required for overseas transportation.
  • Export/Overseas Wrapping – how to wrap items for export, how to label, mark and identify items.
  • Loading and Unloading – demonstration and explanation of procedures for loading export containers. How to deal with and handle import consignments



Surveying – 1 Day

  • Job Description – introduction to the role of the Surveyor.
  • Assessing the Consignment – explanation of the unit system and how to use it. Discussion and explanation of Risk Assessment and Health and Safety implications.
  • Reporting, Planning and Costing – how to plan and cost a removal. What needs to be included in the Surveyor’s report, how it should be presented and hints and tips on identifying and avoiding potential problems.



Tailored / Bespoke Courses

Bespoke training courses can also be tailored to your requirements – please contact us for further information on 01494 79 22 79.



Sounds Good! How do I find out more?

To register your interest in training, and/or to further discuss course content, availability and pricing, without obligation, please email or contact 01494 792 279 and we will be pleased to put you in contact with our trainer.



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