The Guild Guru – Advice on Moving Home


The Removals Finance Scheme

You can enjoy 0% Deposit and 10 months interest free credit to pay for your move.


Help is now at hand through The Guild to make your move budget cash go further.

What with estate agents and surveyors fees, conveyancing costs, stamp duty, removal charges and then buying stuff for your new home etc. moving home really is a very costly business.

There is no question that it’s not unusual for budgets and cash to be stretched during the moving process and that can mean borrowing, often on credit cards or short term overdrafts.

It’s common for interest rates on credit card purchases or cash withdrawals to exceed 20% if the outstanding amount is not paid off in a month, while short term overdraft charges can be horrendously expensive.

In any case if you borrow you expect to pay interest on the loan but should you move with a participating Guild member the removal charges, when in excess of £350, can be spread over 10 months completely interest free, subject to status.

The Guild is able to offer this unique financing for removals due to a strategic partnership with Omni Retail Finance Capital. The interest free credit scheme enables you to pay for the whole of your removal in 10 equal monthly instalments. In fact your first payment only becomes due the month after you move.

To raise a loan to cover your removal costs all you need to do is complete a credit application online by following a link in the email quotation sent by your participating Guild member. The link will take you direct to the Omni portal and credit approval takes around 30 seconds, it’s as straightforward as that. For your further peace of mind neither The Guild nor your Guild mover has access to your credit application and you pay for your move with a monthly direct debit.

Using The Guild’s interest free credit facility will leave you with cash in your pocket as well as save you on borrowing and interest charges; it’s a win-win.

For more information and to request a brochure on The Guild’s Interest Free Credit Scheme please simply email us.

To find your nearest Guild member please visit the following page

We wish you a good move and every happiness settling in your new home.