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Customer Complaint Procedure

In the unlikely event of a complaint about one of our members, The Guild provides consumers with access to a FREE independent dispute resolution service.

Where to complain?

In the first instance, any complaint should be addressed in writing directly to our member so that they are given every reasonable opportunity of resolving the matter.

If you would like to request our involvement in attempting to resolve the dispute, if you feel your own attempts at resolving the matter directly with our member have been fully exhausted, you may take advantage of our free conciliation service.

To submit your complaint, which must be made in writing, please email or write to:

National Guild Of Removers & Storers Limited, PO Box 690, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 1WR

Please note that we are unable to accept or discuss any complaints by telephone.

What information do we require?

Please provide the following information to enable us look into your complaint and commence the conciliation process:-

  • Your name & current address
  • The name of the removal company and the date(s)/location(s) of the move
  • The nature/basis of your complaint (see section below)
  • The outcome you would like to see in order to resolve your complaint

What type of complaint are we able to investigate?

  • Breach of contract (eg a failure to provide a service contracted or charges over and above what was agreed/contracted).
  • Allegations of unprofessional or inefficient conduct
  • Breach of The Guild Code of Practice
  • Substantial delays in dealing with a complaint

What type of complaint are we unable to investigate?

x   Any matter that has already been heard or referred to the Courts or any other dispute resolution service.

x   Matters of Insurance (loss/damage) including claims, settlement offers and/or exclusions and requirements of insurance.

x   Any matter that is a criminal offence and/or has already been referred to the Police.

x   Any matter that has already been referred to, or is being dealt with, by Solicitors or legal professionals.

x   Any complaint made more than 3 months after the service to which the complaint relates.

What happens next?

When your complaint is received by us, it will be formally acknowledged and then sent on to our member with a request for their response, subject to the matter being within our remit.

Under our Code of Practice the member then has 10 working days to respond. However, there are certain times of the year, and under some circumstances, where it may take longer for the member to provide their response.

Upon receipt of our member’s response, we will be in contact with you again with further information to try and resolve your complaint.

In the best interests of achieving conciliation, and to remain equally fair to both parties, our role does not extend to giving advice and/or making recommendations to either party on how they should proceed in the dispute but is solely focused on what can be done, voluntarily by the parties, to move matters forward to a mutually agreeable conclusion.

What happens if The Guild can’t resolve my complaint?

If a mutually agreeable resolution of your complaint is unable to be achieved via conciliation between the parties, upon completion of that process, you may refer your complaint to The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme (RIOS).

RIOS provide a free arbitration service for customers of Guild members where conciliation has not been possible in any dispute. Arbitration, unlike conciliation, involves an independent third party, in this case The Removals Ombudsman, reviewing the case/evidence provided by both parties before imposing a binding decision in the dispute.


What will it cost me?

As part of our own, and our members, commitment to consumer protection, The Guild conciliation service, and any referral to The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme, is provided entirely free to the consumer.

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