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Mr Clarke’s Free Membership Trial


  • Mr Clarke responded to a letter offering a 21 week free membership trial. He subsequently made an appointment with Martin Rose for a visit to discuss the trial and elected to take advantage of that offer following Mr Rose’s visit. All of the benefits of membership, as advertised, were provided/available to Mr Clarke at no charge during the free trial membership period. He wasn’t asked to and didn’t pay anything during the 21 week trial.


  • On the Frequently Asked Questions page which headed up the trial agreement (copy herewith) Mr Clarke was notified that he then had a 10 day cooling off period to withdraw his application should he change his mind. You will also note from the Frequently Asked Questions page that Mr Clarke signed to confirm he had received them; I hope this goes some way to indicating just how untrue Jane Finch’s statement is that “The Guild aren’t very transparent when it comes to their contracts”.


  • Mr Clarke was notified in writing, via recorded delivery, on 22 October 2012 that his 21 week trial had commenced, please see the following link to that letter. Within that letter, and once again in contraction to Jane Finch’s allegation that “The Guild aren’t very transparent when it comes to their contracts” you will see that, not only did we notify Mr Clarke that his trial had commenced, but even more importantly we also confirmed the end date of the trial, that being 18 March 2013.


  • In addition, within that letter, you will note that we also reminded Mr Clarke of the procedure required should he not wish to continue in membership at the end of the trial period, as well as highlighting the costs of the follow on subscription package, see page 2 herewith.


  • From the above it is inarguable that it was made clear to Mr Clarke the very simply procedure required for resignation (a simple email) should he not have wished to continue in membership after the free trial period. Further still he could have tendered his resignation from day one of the Free Trial Period right up until the end of week 21; Mr Clarke didn’t do so.


  • Upon receipt of his follow on membership subscription invoice, after the trial period, Mr Clarke contacted us to say that he did not wish to remain in membership and that he not “signed” or “agreed” anything. A copy of Mr Clarke’s signed and dated trial agreement including The Frequently Asked Questions page was then sent to him, a copy of his signed agreement is available herewith.


  • Upon receipt of that agreement a letter arrived from Mr Clarke seeking to terminate his membership which in view of the correspondence which had preceded it was adjudged to have been backdated.
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