To pack or be packed…that is the question!


Did you know that any items that you pack yourself are not insurable by removal companies and are therefore transported entirely at your risk!

The question is, is it worth your while taking that risk? The answer has to be an emphatic NO!


You need to view a DIY pack in terms of risk, reward and convenience at a time when you’ve got so many other things to do and worry about. For sure you will save some money but a professional packing service needn’t be expensive and obtaining a quote for it costs nothing at all.

People often underestimate the time they need to pack their home and this leads to last minute panic and totally avoidable stress. All removal crews have experiences of arriving at a job where the customer has elected to DIY pack but the packing is not finished or has been done badly or the wrong materials have been used. Repacking then becomes a necessity.

Professional removers train their packing crews. They work fast and use packing materials that really do protect your home while it’s in their care. That’s why if they pack they are able to offer the level of Goods In Transit Insurance that your precious belongings deserve.

People often think that they can pack as well as a professional packer but that’s not the case. Professionals benefit from day in day out experience and are taught “tricks of the trade”.

For example they can easily gauge if is a carton too heavy and it is likely to fall apart, can you? If not you will be repacking on move day or having to pay the remover extra to do it for you.


Do you really know how to protect fragile items, for example, do you know plates should not be packed flat, they need to be stacked on their edge and do you know how much and what specialised packing materials are needed to fully protect glassware or pictures?

Unless you’re trained, packing is laborious and very time consuming and it lands on your agenda at a period when you’ve already got more than enough to do. It really is a job you can do without.


Most removers will quote for various packing options such as:

  • Fragile Pack
  • Part Pack
  • Full Pack
  • Export Pack



In my experience paying for a professional packing service is money very well spent and my advice is at very least to get a quotation from your remover for this service so that you can consider your options.