Choosing a cheap remover is like playing Russian Roulette with 5 bullets in the gun!


How much should I pay for a professional removal service?



Did you know that there are no Government regulations that control the removals industry so anyone can start a removal business with no training or standards and knowing that when things go wrong, you have very restricted, if any, comeback?


Operating on a shoestring, that’s how some removal companies are able to offer very cheap prices – don’t be fooled and don’t become another victim.


The lack of regulations is a disgraceful state of affairs that The Guild has tried to rectify. For instance it has lobbied MPs while taking measures to protect consumers by filling the regulations gap. To that end all Guild Members must adhere to a strict Code of Practice, pass comprehensive inspections, subscribe to The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme and comply with Ombudsman rulings if they are in disagreement with a customer.


In fact The Guild take consumer protection so seriously they single handed financed The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme 12 years ago and only The Guild continue to make available all of the resources that it needs to function.


Conversely buying on price could mean that you are unwittingly trusting your home to a rogue remover or a well-meaning amateur. Both will be cutting corners and in either case you could be heading for a removals day disaster that will end up costing you far more than the amount you thought you were saving. Then there’s the stress of a horrific move day experience and that may well last a long time.


If the following occur what would you do and how much strain would it put you under:


  • Unregulated low price removers don’t always show up on move day and you may have paid them a deposit. In fact The Guild get calls for assistance from frantic members of the public that have been let down at the last minute.


  • Another nightmare scenario is when the cheap unregulated remover damages your home and you only find out after the event that they have been untruthful and aren’t fully insured or even worse not insured at all?


While I fully appreciate price is important buying a removal on price is a risk that’s simply not worth taking.


So what do you get when you pay a fair price to a Guild Member for your removal?


The answer is a voluntarily regulated remover which means that they have agreed in a contract to comply with the quality and service criteria set by a consumer focused trade association, The Guild, and the Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme.  Please visit the following page of our website for full and further information on the raft of Consumer Protection Measures voluntarily afforded you by a Guild member.


The Guild Guru’s Advice = Never buy a removal on price.